Grubhub Reports The Top Orders For Late-Night Halloween Snacking

Freeform's 31 nights of Halloween airing on your TV and skeleton decorations appearing in your local grocery store can only mean one thing — the most frightening night of the year is almost here. And with Halloween getting closer, we're sure you've already made a game plan for October 31.

You're more than likely set on snagging special Halloween treats like Insomnia Cookies' Hershey's chocolate-inspired desserts. And you're undoubtedly planning to be one of the Americans that Coupon Flow reports devour an impressive 3.4 pounds of candy before All Hallow Eve's end. But do you know what you're going to do when the trick-or-treaters go home and the monster mash stops?

Well, according to a press release Grubhub sent to Tasting Table, you, like many people in the U.S., hope to get a savoy snack delivered to round out all the sweets you've indulged in. And if you need a little late-fright-night dining inspo, the delivery service just revealed the top ten food orders fiends make during the final hours of Halloween night.

The top ten late-night Halloween orders are cheesy, greasy post-party fun

As it turns out, man cannot live on candy and pumpkin cocktails alone. In fact, DoorDash reported that only Mother's Day and New Year's Eve beat out Halloween for the title of the holiday with the most delivery orders. And, according to Grubhub's findings, after downing one, two, or a dozen mini Snickers bars, Halloween thrill seekers prefer to have more savory snacks sent to their door.

Out of the top ten orders for witching hour eating, mozzarella sticks, cheese pizza, and cheeseburgers claimed first, second, and third place. Grubhub pointed out that all three of these eats are quick finger foods, which makes them a perfect no-mess end to a long and spooky night. Interestingly enough, the delivery service also noted that while cheese pizza came in as the second-most popular late-night food, the classic game day snack was actually ordered more on Halloween than any major football night. 

Following the big three were more no-fork-required snacks. Chicken sandwiches took the fourth place spot followed by chicken quesadillas, chicken nuggets, bean burritos, chicken fingers, and beef burritos. So it seems bar foods are monsters' favorite way to finish off one of the biggest parties of the year.