Vegan unMEAT Tuna Is Making Its Grocery Store Debut At Harris Teeter

If you eat a plant-based diet, the past few years of innovation in the food and beverage world have undoubtedly improved your quality of life. These days, it seems like there's a quality vegan substitute for almost any food you might be craving, from sausage to ground beef to cheese. Are you missing milk? There are also many dairy-free alternatives to choose from. Want to chow down on some late-night chicken tenders? Beyond Meat has you covered. And if fish-free "seafood" is more your style, there's plenty on the market for you, too.

Quite a few vegan seafood brands exist today, from Ocean Hugger Foods to Good Catch, that offer a range of products from fish burgers to crab cakes to sushi-style eel (via VegOut). These companies help former seafood lovers indulge in all their favorite meals. And if you're a vegan missing tuna salad, you might want to check out unMEAT's canned vegan tunas, flakes of wheat and soy proteins packed in water or sunflower oil.

unMEAT tuna is now available at all Harris Teeter supermarkets

If you live in the Southeastern United States or Washington, D.C., you might have a Harris Teeter supermarket near you. The grocery chain, which operates about 270 locations across the area (via ScrapeHero), might soon become a favored destination for vegans, with the plant-based canned tuna brand unMEAT announcing (via press release) yesterday that its products are now available at all Harris Teeter locations.

Previously available only online through retailers such as GTFO and It's Vegan!, unMEAT's canned Tuna in Water and Tuna in Sunflower Oil — which are egg-free and trans-fat-free — are now available to all Harris Teeter customers. "We are very excited to have unMEAT fish-free tuna available in Harris Teeter stores, making plant-based, shelf-stable protein more accessible to Americans across seven states," Gregory Branzon, the chief operating officer of Century Pacific Group, unMEAT's parent company, wrote in a press release. "We hope that with a budget-friendly option easily found at their regular grocery store, more consumers will opt to incorporate more plant-based meals in their diet."

So if you eat plant-based but have been craving a tuna melt or a tuna casserole, now's your chance to get to work in the kitchen.