The Important Whisky Bottle Tip Collectors Need

We're in a time when all of our investment portfolios are looking a little bleak, however, if you're a collector of fine spirits, things might not be so gloomy for you. According to The Manual, the whisky market is projected to reach $20.75 billion by 2025. So, if you already have or are beginning a nice collection of top-notch whiskies, the economic outlook of your liquor cabinet is quite promising. And like anyone who has invested some significant money into an area, you want to ensure your investment is protected. Well, when it comes to whisky, it's all about how you store it.

While not as delicate and prone to spoilage as improperly stored wine, nevertheless, you should take significant care of your whisky bottles. That means taking the time to implement storage techniques that will maintain your collection's longevity, thereby increasing its value. In the end, of course you want to preserve the liquid itself, but there is another element worth preserving to take into consideration: your whiskies' labels.

Preserving the label

Imagine the following: You have, in your possession, a bottle of unicorn whisky that is worth upwards of $21,000. It's one of the jewels of your collection, but you've allowed the label to fade to a point where it is completely unrecognizable. Do you think your bottle would still be worth the money? Labels are one of the quickest visual cues indicating a fine whisky, per Mark Littler. Having a collection of bottles whose labels are untarnished is the not only the mark of someone who takes fine care of their bottles, but someone who understands their value.

So, how exactly can you preserve your labels? Simple, you store it like you would a fine wine: in the dark. According to Food & Wine, it's best to store whisky in an environment that is as dark as possible. Avoiding light, which will fade everything if exposed for long enough, will help keep your labels in excellent condition, which will only aide in the overall value of your collection.