The Chic Michelin-Starred Steakhouse You'll Find Near Disney World

Every American kid's ultimate wish is a vacation at Disney World. It's become a rite of passage, an opportunity for priceless memories. "The rides, the parades, Mickey!" chant the littles. As far as the bill-footers, aka, the parents, go, they also can have a wonderful Disney experience, so long as they don't look at their quickly diminishing bank account and can mentally get past the crowds. The park's attractions, the attention to detail put into every square inch of the place, and the smiles on their children's faces make for a wonderful vacation.

Disney has certainly upped its game in offering adult-friendly experiences around the park's six different lands and resorts. There are cocktails in Epcot, dreamy spa treatments at several Disney resorts, and even bar, lounge, and nightlife options in and around the property, per Park Savers. Of course, the food options aren't too bad, either. While Disney's food claim to fame used to be in the shape of Dole Whip, Mickey-shaped ice cream bars, and churros, visitors can now feast on everything from grain bowls and bao buns to desserts that look like works of art via CNBC. But if fine dining is your thing, you may want to look outside the box (or, in this case, outside the park) on your next trip to Disney World, where you'll find a Michelin-starred restaurant specializing in steak nearby.

Orlando's Knife & Spoon

Located inside the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Knife & Spoon is a close 20-minute drive from the hustle and bustle of Disney World. Michelin Guide awarded the restaurant its first star in June 2022 for its flawless ambiance and outstanding cuisine. The kitchen is led by Chef John Tesar, a man with such culinary talent that the late Anthony Bourdain once called him "the single most talented cook I have ever worked with" (via The Ritz-Carlton). He has created a menu highlighted by locally sourced beef, aged in-house (with cuts aged up to a year!), with plenty of seafood options as well, per Food & Wine.

A dinner at Knife & Spoon may look something like a half dozen oysters with key lime mignonette followed by a wedge salad with dill ranch, blue cheese, and bacon. Your main course could be the 44-ounce dry-aged, bone-in ribeye or the Key Largo spiny lobster served with fennel pollen breadcrumbs. You couldn't skip the kimchi creamed spinach or the mac and cheese with house-made fresh pasta on the side. Finally, the caramel mousse dessert served with caramel popcorn and bourbon caramel ice cream will round out this epic meal (via The Ritz-Carlton). This, of course, is just an example of what Knife & Spoon offers to those who dare to venture out of the theme park. There are so many more enticing options, plus an extensive cocktail and wine list. It's easy to see why Michelin recognized this stunning eatery.