Caviar Kaspia's New LA Location Is Set To Open This Week

Caviar has earned the nickname "black gold" thanks to its rarity and exclusivity, according to MasterClass. The fish roe (unfertilized fish eggs) is highly sought after and separated into two categories. Grade One caviar is distinctly high-quality with firm, rich eggs, and can cost up to $3,500 per pound, while Grade Two is slightly lower quality. True caviar comes from wild sturgeon, though there are different types harvested from other fish.

Caviar Kaspia was founded in Paris in 1927 and has since established itself as a high-class brand associated with delicacy and fashion. The trendy company helped influence the "rise of caviar," according to a press release received by Tasting Table, and became a favorite of the fashion world, media professionals, and high-class society. Caviar Kaspia has locations in Paris, Monte Carlo, New York, London, Dubai, and more, according to its website, where diners can sample its fine caviars in gourmet meals paired with drinks. Now, Caviar Kaspia is set to launch its newest location, where diners can enjoy an elegant meal in sunny Los Angeles as the brand embraces "Californication."

The restaurant will have an exclusive cocktail

Caviar Kaspia confirmed to Tasting Table that its Los Angeles (LA) location will open Thursday, October 20. The open-air space on Melrose Place will have the capacity for upwards of 60 guests in its balcony bar and private dining room for lunch and dinner services, according to a press release. The location, which formerly housed the French restaurant Bastide, will be full of greenery, foliage, and trees to create an intimate, relaxed environment.

The lounge menu will focus on small plates and feature dishes like Dungeness crab crostini with chili lime dressing, a California chopped salad with green goddess-caviar dressing, and a King Salmon tartare on crispy rice cakes with ponzu — all featuring caviar in the dishes, of course. For dinner, visitors can indulge in a variety of meals. The seafood tower will feature caviar alongside deviled eggs and parmesan Gougeres with avocado crema. The restaurant will also offer a variety of champagnes, private-label vodkas, and an exclusive sake-based cocktail to sip on.

Caviar Kaspia's LA location will take reservations for lunch and dinner but will also accept walk-ins for lunchtime meals.