Starbucks Regulars Tell Tasting Table Which Breakfast Item They Think Is Best

Starbucks regulars swear by their coffee go-to, and for the chain's most loyal fans, a morning stop is a daily ritual. Whether you get a latte to-go or sit to sip the latest craze — hello, secret Starbucks vampire drink — Starbucks is certain to provide a pick-me-up that meets any and all caffeine cravings.

Yet while the coffee giant is known for its drinks, sometimes you need some sustenance to go with your daily jolt. The Starbucks drink menu is vast, offering all kinds of creative ways to put your own spin on your coffee. Food options, however, are less extensive. According to Starbucks' website, hot breakfast falls into two categories: breakfast sandwiches and wraps, or sous vide egg bites. In both categories, there are vegetarian and meat-based options, just as the chain offers dairy and dairy-free milk substitutes.

Despite the choices, however, Starbucks fans tend to gravitate toward a few menu staples. Tasting Table asked 567 about their Starbucks breakfast preferences and found that one iteration of eggs was the most widely preferred. Now, what's the perfect drink order to pair with your breakfast?

Starbucks fanatics prefer variations of egg sandwiches

Bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches are the ultimate breakfast — and 38.10% of Tasting Table readers agree. Of those who responded to Tasting Table's latest survey, 216 opt for Starbucks' bacon, gouda, and egg sandwich over any other breakfast. The spinach, feta, and egg white wrap was another crowd favorite; 21.69% of people, or 123 breakfast lovers, go for the egg-white wrap to start their day. Following closely, the turkey bacon, cheddar, and egg white sandwich amassed 21.52% of the vote, with 122 people in favor of yet another take on an egg-and-bread combo. 

Starbucks' egg bites were less popular than wraps and sandwiches. However, the bacon and gruyère sous vide egg bites, as well as the egg white and roasted red pepper sous vide egg bites, still account for a significant fan base. The former received 10.41% of the vote, with 59 votes, while the red pepper version earned the favor of 47 people. More than 8% of voters favor this veggie-based breakfast.

According to Newsweek, however, Starbucks' food may not be as appetizing as it seems. The article highlights the poor quality of Starbucks pastries, which sit out in heavily-lit display cases for hours. So, when stopping by Starbucks for a meal or snack, it may indeed be best to come for breakfast, when the food is at its freshest. Plus, if you order something egg-based, your breakfast will come hot, sustaining you one egg sandwich — or egg bite — at a time.