The Trendy Herb That Has No Place In Ina Garten's Kitchen

Ina Garten isn't exactly known for her trendy recipes. Roast chicken, beef bourguignon, lemon squares, and bruschetta are more of what comes to mind when you think of the culinary pro. She is revered for her classics and is a master of them — if you want a solid, foolproof recipe that will please the masses, you're safe to reach for one of her bountiful, best-selling books. She's been gracing our television screens with her wisdom for two decades (via Barefoot Contessa). Needless to say, she knows what she's doing in the kitchen.

Which begs the question — when Ina has a strong opinion on something culinary-related, should we take heed? There is one herb taking up space in Ina's garden that she's not too fond of in food. In fact, she seems to not want it anywhere near her pots and pans. So what herb does she prefer for her potpourri but not her profiteroles?

Better left in a vase

Ina thinks lavender has no place in her kitchen. On the most recent episode of her show, Be My Guest, Ina seems to have a very strong opinion about the herb. When Nathan Lane questions her during a stroll in her garden, she replies, "I hate lavender in cooking." She continues to call out the trendy ice cream flavor as the most outrageous application of the herb to her (via Twitter).

There is documentation of lavender being used for over 2,500 years, but in a culinary capacity, the most notable use was recorded in the 1600s by Queen Elizabeth I. She demanded lavender marmalade on the table at all times. She also enjoyed tea made from the herb and donned it as perfume, per What's Cooking America. Nowadays, its sweet, floral flavor is found in everything from baked goods and coffee to fatty meats and herbs de Provence. And, of course, that oh-so-offensive dairy dessert.

A mouthful of floral food comes down to a matter of preference, but we sure know where Ina stands.