Alton Brown's New Hot Sauce Will Give Your Holiday Cooking A Kick

Celebrity chef Alton Brown is a serious hot sauce fan. During his infamous "Hot Ones" appearance, Brown ranked the sauces based on his personal preference instead of mild to hottest, as it's normally done. The Food Network star lasted all the way to Da' Bomb hot sauce before being pleased with the spice level (which has a Scoville ranking of 135,600, landing it around "spicy hot" on the scale, similar to the heat of a scotch bonnet pepper), stating "we're finally getting hot." For the record, that is the third-spiciest hot sauce option on the YouTube talk show, which often has guests tapping out before they reach the final sauce, The Last Dab, which Brown praised as "smart" for including ginger in its flavor profile.

The "Good Eats" star is also no stranger to unique food combinations that play with the balance between sweet and spicy, as can be seen in his recipe for spicy pineapple slices. And Brown just shared the news on Twitter that he has created a new hot sauce for fans to enjoy that leans into the flavors of fall while packing a powerful punch.

This hot sauce is perfect for fall

Alton Brown dropped the news of his new hot sauce on Twitter, announcing that he is creating a hot sauce geared for the holiday season, packed with notes of pumpkin, molasses, and ginger. For those who like their hot sauce to have a kick, Brown assured fans that there will be a "whopping wallop of habañero." Brown explained he developed his Holiday from Heck hot sauce to fill the void that he saw for holiday food hot sauces. It's not yet clear when or where the sauce will be released to the masses, but fans are clamoring to find out more.

Although Brown has not found a hot sauce to satisfy his autumnal cravings, a few seasonal sauces do exist. Craic Hot Sauce currently makes a Golden Pumpkin hot sauce, which is made with pumpkin, pineapple, and ghost peppers, which is affectionately referred to as pumpkin heat, not pumpkin spice. And if you'd like to try your hand at making an autumnally appropriate hot sauce yourself, Bon Appétit has a recipe for a pumpkin hot sauce that utilizes butternut squash or pumpkin, chiles, and apple cider vinegar. While both sauces use pumpkin, it appears that Brown's sauce is fully embracing traditional fall flavors like no other.