McDonald's UK Is Adding A Chicken Burger To Its Permanent Menu

McDonald's USA recently announced a collaboration with Cactus Plant Flea Market on a McDonald's-themed clothing line and Cactus Plant Flea Market Boxes for an adult version of Happy Meals that are sure to evoke nostalgia with those who grew up loving the restaurant chain's child-friendly versions. The new version is for grown-ups, with filling options like Big Macs, McNuggets, and French fries. It also comes in a Happy Meal-style box and includes "collectible figurines" of McDonald's characters like Grimace and Hamburglar.

But as the Manchester Evening News reported, these adult Happy Meals aren't going to be offered in the U.K. Predictably, fans of the McDonald's franchise — there are 1,270 restaurants in the U.K. sporting the Golden Arches, per McDonald's – were not pleased. Many even took to social media to express their displeasure. "I imagine there must be a distinct lack of happy adults in the U.K.," one disgruntled adult noted in the outlet.

But there is good news for those living in the U.K.: McDonald's recently unveiled a brand new menu item that consumers there are sure to be pleased by. The new Cactus Plant Flea Market Boxes, after all, include food items that are already on McDonald's menus. The fast food chain U.K. stores will have a new chicken burger, which is a fresh (and permanent) addition to U.K. menus.

McCrispy gets big UK premiere

According to the Liverpool Echo, McDonald's McCrispy chicken burger arrives at its U.K. restaurants next week as the first chicken burger to be featured full-time on McDonald's menus in well over a decade (the last one was in 2007). The 520-calorie chicken burger will be delivered to U.K. diners between potato buns with lettuce and a mayonnaise-based sauce, per McDonald's. The Liverpool Echo adds that it will also be seasoned with black pepper and cayenne, and will sell for an estimated £6.49 as a standard item on U.K. McDonald's menus.

The McCrispy chicken burger made its U.S. debut this summer, and The Street observed that its introduction was a savvy move by McDonald's. It provided fast food consumers with a chicken alternative to KFC, Chick-fil-A, and Popeyes. The McCrispy has already migrated to Canada, where it premiered in the country's 1,400 McDonald's restaurants in August, per a press release from McDonald's Canada.

The U.K. version hits McDonald's menus on October 19, confirms LondonWorld. Not only that, but television commercials featuring famous faces in the U.K. — notably, Love Island's Maya Jama — will announce its arrival. The Derby Telegraph notes that the McCrispy received a limited run as a test item in England's Midlands region back in March, with extremely positive results.