Kit Kat's Magic Candy Bowl Is Coming To Salem, But Your Town Could Be Next

Everyone loves the spooky magic of Halloween. Dressing up, walking from door to door trick-or-treating, and indulging in Halloween candy makes it a one-of-a-kind night we look forward to every year. While the day is filled with haunting decorations, face painting, and festive games, nothing kills the mood like a "take one" sign found at a bowl of candy left on a doorstep. Actually, there is one thing that's worse — the one mischievous kid who takes it all.

What if we told you this was all about to change? This year, Kit Kat has crafted a plan to get rid of the "take one" signs altogether and better yet, the empty, candy-less bowl left behind. As part of their plan, Kit Kat is one of the sponsors for Mayor's Night Out in Salem, Massachusetts (via Haunted Happenings). This event is a yearly tradition filled with early trick-or-treating, festive Halloween getups, and free entry to certain museums and attractions. Being a city known for its spine-chilling history and witchcraft, it is no surprise that it is the first place Kit Kat has chosen to unveil its genius idea for putting an end to empty candy bowls.

A never-ending supply of Kit Kats

At the Salem event, taking place on October 7th, Kit Kat will debut its first-ever Never-Ending Kit Kat Bowl. According to a press release shared with Tasting Table, this bowl will magically refill with Kit Kat bars right before your eyes, which will allow trick-or-treaters to have an endless supply of the beloved candy. The details about how they will whimsically refill this bowl haven't been shared yet, but those attending the event will be the first to see it. Given that Salem is a popular Halloween destination, it's a smart move by Kit Kat to set up shop there to show off this Halloween invention.

If you are unable to attend Salem's Halloween celebration, don't fret. Beginning October 12th, Halloween enthusiasts will be able to witness the magic of the Never-Ending Kit Kat Bowl by heading to Hershey's Chocolate World located in Times Square on select days. Hopefully you'll get a chance to try out their special Halloween flavors like Breaking Bones, Witch's Brew, or Pumpkin Pie

Even better, Kit Kat is calling on the general public to decide where the enchanted bowl goes next. If your hometown puts on a haunting Halloween celebration, it could be considered. Head to @kitkat_us on social media, comment the name of your city on Kit Kat's post, and your hometown could get its own Never-Ending Kit Kat Bowl. Please note, only one winner will be randomly selected.