Angela Lansbury's Connection To The California Dining Scene

Angela Lansbury had a connection to cooking that went far beyond her iconic character's Cabot Cove kitchen. The accomplished actor, who played amateur sleuth Jessica Fletcher on the long-running television show "Murder She Wrote," was the real-life mother of a professional chef. Lansbury (who The New York Times reports died October 11, 2022, just a few days shy of her 97th birthday) occasionally liked to brag about her only daughter Deidre Angela Shaw, a chef who owned and operated a few popular California eateries — including Positano in Santa Monica and Enzo & Angela's in Brentwood — along with her husband, Enzo Battarra (via Love Oh Lust).

In a 2010 review for Entertainment Today, Shirley Firestone (a well-known California food writer, per Playa Vista Direct) recalled the time Lansbury reached out to her to suggest a visit to her daughter's Santa Monica eatery, Positano. "Many years ago, I received a letter from Angela Lansbury telling me about this wonderful restaurant in Santa Monica called Positano. By now it's no secret that the chef is her daughter, also named Angela."

Firestone recalled being captivated by the chef-owner couple and described the restaurant as "a gift waiting to be found." A few years later, she encountered the couple again at their new venue, Enzo & Angela's in Brentwood.

Lansbury's daughter owned a successful Italian restaurant

Firestone was equally impressed with Shaw's new restaurant, Enzo & Angela's, describing the menu as "marvelously appealing" and making special mention of the terrace and the second-floor al fresco dining area (via Entertainment Today). The writer's favorite dish? Pollo Delizioso, mozzarella- and spinach-stuffed chicken breast in an Italian herb sauce.

According to OpenTable, Enzo & Angela's closed permanently in 2019. The archived listing is still viewable, showing 211 reviews for a total score of 4.3 stars and describing the restaurant as a "neighborhood gem." On the restaurant's Yelp listing, the couple described Enzo & Angela's as having a warm and inviting atmosphere, complete with dog-friendly outdoor seating. The about section — credited to the couple — explains the restaurant was focused on delivering "authentic Italian food" made with fresh ingredients and boasts of fresh fish delivered daily and handmade gnocchi and ravioli. Other dishes named in the Yelp reviews include osso buco, tomato garlic bruschetta, and pasta Pescatore, along with more Italian restaurant classics.