Tasting Table Asks: Which Is Your Favorite Brand Of Oat Milk?

Non-dairy milk alternatives have become increasingly popular in recent years. Whether you're lactose intolerant, following a vegan diet, or just want to cut back on your dairy intake, most grocery stores offer a variety of options to choose from so you can still enjoy some milk in your morning coffee.

While options like almond milk and cashew milk could be unsafe for people with allergies, oat milk is allergy-friendly and packed full of vitamins and nutrients. According to Healthline, one cup of oat milk contains almost half your daily recommended vitamin B12, a quarter of your calcium, and a fifth of phosphorous, vitamin D, and vitamin A.

Oat milk has become a popular non-dairy alternative to milk, and there are a variety of different brands available at grocery stores. While some people may not have a preference, many have a go-to brand that they prefer. Tasting Table asked 567 people their opinions on oat milk, and they chose one clear winner to rise above the rest.

One came out on top

Of all the options, Silk oat milk was favored by the survey respondents, with 36.16% of the vote. The plant-based company offers a variety of non-dairy milks, yogurts, and coffee creamers, per its website, so you can get your coffee fix even after cutting back on dairy. The company also offers soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, and cashew milk. In second place is Oatly, with 19.22% of the vote. Oatly calls itself "The Original Oat Drink Company," according to its website, and it sells oat milk-based frozen desserts if you're craving a sweet treat!

Third and fourth places were a close call: Third was Chobani at 17.46%, and fourth was Planet Oat at 16.75%. Chobani offers several varieties of oat milk, including zero sugar, extra creamy, and vanilla. Planet Oat also offers those varieties, along with dark chocolate, unsweetened, and shelf-stable, so you can enjoy it without refrigeration. Finally, in last place, Califia Farms only received 10.41%.