Blue Apron Is Officially On Amazon. Here's What You Need To Know

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Today, Blue Apron announced that anyone can now start buying its home-delivered meal kits through Amazon. That means it doesn't take a subscription to get home cooking kits through the popular service.

PitchBook reports that Blue Apron has been in operation since 2012. It started with the simple idea of sending prepared ingredients with easy-to-follow recipes out to subscribers. In just four short years, the company's revenue had reached nearly $800 million. This new move will now allow anyone interested in easy-to-prepare meals to have access to Blue Apron.

This is just Amazon's latest step into the world of food supply. CNBC says that Amazon took its biggest leap into grocery sales back in 2017 by purchasing Whole Foods. Since then, it's made several changes, both big and small, to operations and suppliers. Amazon recently announced that it would only stock cage-free eggs in its stores, for example. This commitment to high-quality ingredients seems to align well with Blue Apron's vision and makes the two fitting partners.

A variety of Blue Apron meals are already available

Blue Apron says that any customer can now access its meal kit delivery services through the U.S. Amazon store. Amazon is currently offering two-serving and four-serving orders of various meal kits that each include the ingredients and recipe for two different entrees. This includes items such as enchiladas, chicken and sausage pasta, cheeseburgers, and garlic chicken. For those looking for even quicker meal options, there are also Blue Apron "heat and eat" meals available. Blue Apron says that limited-time offer meals, and seasonal meal kits, like Thanksgiving options, will also be available on the platform in the future.

Blue Apron says that while ordering will be handled through Amazon, all fulfillment services will still be handled by Blue Apron. This partnership is a major step for the company to reach a wider audience.

"By offering a selection of products in the U.S. Amazon store, we are able to provide Amazon customers the opportunity to buy a range of chef-curated meals that will arrive quickly to their door. Our mutual commitment to exceptional customer service will allow us to continue to deliver a great experience," said Blue Apron's Chief Product Officer Josh Friedman.