How To Easily Pick Out 1 Pound Of Peaches Without A Scale

Measuring ingredients for baking or cooking is fairly easy with modern conveniences like measuring cups, spoons, and kitchen scales to help us do the job. According to Better Homes & Gardens, if you know how to accurately measure all the dry and liquid ingredients a recipe calls for, your end result will be that much better. But there are certainly times when measuring tools may not be an option and you are forced to "eyeball" it. And sure, there are definitely tricks to approximate teaspoon measurements that can come in handy, but what about when you are buying whole fruits? 

Yes, there are scales at grocery stores where you can weigh your produce, but sometimes a farmer's market may not have one that's easily accessible. This is when you need to know how to pick-out a single pound of your desired fruit without a scale. This is definitely the kind of party trick that has some practical merit, and Kitchn offers just the right hack for when you are picking out peaches for your favorite peach pie, crostata, or cobbler. In fact, it is so easy, you may choose to use this peachy measurement method every time.

Four is the magic number

Fresh Forward Farms notes that peach season generally begins in June and wraps-up in August. And Aghires shares that we grow approximately 1.9 billion peaches in the United States every year. It is definitely a short season to enjoy these sweet fruits, which makes cooking with them and getting measurements involving these fuzzy favorites right even more important. Luckily, we know just how to accomplish this assignment. 

According to Kitchn, if need a single pound of peaches, you can easily pick them out by hand. The site notes that you want to start by finding four medium sized peaches. And, when you pick your first two peaches, they should fit in one "outstretched hand." Once you have the first two, find two more just like them, and you will have yourself approximately one pound of this fruit. It's that simple.

The Spruce Eats concurs that this is the best way to pick-out peaches by sight and also explains that a single cup of sliced peaches will be equal to approximately two peaches if you need to breakdown your measurement even more so. Why do we care about buying the right weight? Because when you can eyeball 1 pound of peaches, that means you are more likely to use what you need and not waste and throw money down the drain.