How Long Cooked Chickpeas Last In The Freezer

Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are a simple, plant-based, and delicious way to add protein, vitamins, fiber, and minerals to your meals (via Healthline). They go in anything from salads to Indian chana masala and from crispy green falafel to pasta. But they're not just good for you; They're also good for the planet. Beyond being a source of plant-based protein, a 2018 review published in "Frontiers in Plant Science" found that, as legumes, chickpeas actually pull nitrogen from the atmosphere and convert it into soil-enhancing ammonia. So it's no wonder why vegans and vegetarians love them.

However, dry chickpeas take notoriously long to prepare — taking anywhere from about three to 10 hours, per Inspired Taste, depending upon how they're cooked. That type of commitment will have you tempted to use a container of canned chickpeas instead. However, convenience doesn't always equate to better. Tasting Table editors describe canned chickpeas as tasting "metallic," "mushy," and worse — "like tuna fish." So, yes, soaking your dried chickpeas overnight and cooking them yourself does pay off. But if you're going to put in that kind of time, you might as well make a big batch. And, if you're making a big batch, you'll probably want to freeze them at some point.

Frozen chickpeas will last between three and six months

While preparing dried chickpeas might be a commitment, it's certainly worth it. Once they've soaked overnight, MasterClass says that the chickpeas will have absorbed some of the water and expanded in size — giving them a creamy (not mushy) texture that maintains the bean's shape and nut-like flavor. After that, you can add any of the seasonings you like and cook them using your preferred method. This can take up to two hours, so it makes sense to make a big batch and freeze whatever you might not finish. When stored correctly, MasterClass claims your chickpeas will last in the freezer for up to six months.

Alpha Foodie, meanwhile, as well as Foods Guy, says frozen chickpeas will last closer to three months, with Alpha Foodie recommending you separate them into portion-sized zip-lock bags before putting them away in the freezer. It really depends on how you'll be using them. Portion-sized freezer bags are convenient to grab and reheat in the microwave when you're making a meal in a pinch. But bulk-sized bags of frozen chickpeas can be easily thrown into chickpea recipes that make multiple servings, such as soups or curries.