Everything You Can Expect At Molly Yeh's New Restaurant - Exclusive

Local news has confirmed what "Girl Meets Farm" fans could see coming from miles away: Molly Yeh's new restaurant is already "causing waves" in East Grand Forks, Minnesota. After opening on September 30, Bernie's promptly announced on socials that it was pushing back opening hours on October 1 to bake more bread — "higher than expected" turnout requires such adjustments.

There has always been a restaurant where Yeh's establishment now welcomes customers with smells of potato chip chocolate chip cookies and freshly baked bread. "It was a great place to go during Prohibition!" Yeh explained to The Bharat Express News. Far from a big city rebellion — don't expect to see Yeh's Chicago-area upbringing or NYC Juilliard days mirrored in the locale — Bernie's leans into the region's history.

"The decor is simple, warm, farmhouse-inspired, and welcoming," the Food Network star recently explained to Tasting Table in an exclusive interview. "We wanted to maintain the specialness of the space from when it was Whitey's and give it a fresh coat of paint." Yeh won't be adding avocado toast to her menu, ever, either. Avocado — as Yeh dished to Tasting Table — isn't local, and Bernie's is all about celebrating Midwestern ingredients.

Molly Yeh reveals her favorite Bernie's menu items

Of course, Molly Yeh's first restaurant also honors Yeh's husband's Scandinavian roots, complete with little Dala horse crayon holders for kids' coloring time. If Bernie's Insta account is to be believed, you can also expect cardamom cinnamon rolls, roast chicken, and relish trays complete with pickled eggs, olives, and radishes.  

Whenever possible, the ingredients Yeh and her team use in Bernie's recipes are local. "Local ingredients we're using include wild rice, walleye, whitefish, beans, eggs, chicken, beef, wheat, sugar, cheese," Yeh told Tasting Table. And while you won't find avocado toast on the menu, the "Girl Meets Farm" star has plenty of other suggestions. "Some of my favorite menu items include the wild rice burger, lefse dogs, cardamom rolls, and an array of thick, crusty toast with delicious toppings," Yeh shared. "No avocado toast since it's not local, but we do have an excellent bean toast."

Check out Bernie's Instagram for updated opening hours. To recreate Molly Yeh's recipes at home, order her new cookbook, "Home Is Where the Eggs Are," here.