Why Lemon Juice Can Help Get Rid Of Garlic Breath

Bad breath is the worst. Perhaps you can smell it after eating homemade garlic bread or you have experienced a foul stench from your mouth after drinking one of the 35 different types of coffee we imbibe. According to Harvard Health Publishing, at least 30% of people admit to experiencing dragon's breath. The academic institution goes on to explain that bad breath is often the result of eating something containing garlic or drinking certain alcohols and coffee. 

Listerine further elaborates that certain medicines, along with digestive issues, diets high in sugar, low in carbs, or high in protein, may wind up leaving you with an ominous diagnosis of "oral malodor," or stinky breath. But whatever the cause might be, bad breath is not something that should hold you back when there are plenty of remedies to help stop the rank smell you may discover from time to time. This first starts with good oral hygiene, like brushing and flossing your teeth. If you do this, then you should be in good shape. 

But if you are religious about keeping your mouth and teeth clean and still have problems, Food & Wine shares there is a tried and true food that can help rid yourself of this less than desirable smell.

Neutralizing acids like lemon can help

Per Food & Wine, if you want to get rid of that smell of garlic that radiates from your mouth after a good Italian meal, you should drink lemon juice. It goes on to explain that lemon juice has a "neutralizing acid" that puts a kibosh on bad odors. Personal Care Dentistry also suggests that the citric acid in lemons is at the heart of fighting bad breath, "stimulating the salivary gland." But lemon isn't the only silver bullet of foods that will help you fight bad breath if you happen upon it.

Healthline reports pickles and their juice can also play a role in fighting bad breath. The site explains that ingredients like dill and vinegar actually contain "antibacterial properties." Together, they can make your breath smell fresh as a daisy simply by drinking the savory juice left in the jar. Additionally, if you find your breath on the verge of making your friends shun you, per Everyday Health, try chomping on a little cilantro, cinnamon, tarragon, eucalyptus, rosemary, or cardamom to help restore your fresh smelling breath.