Dogue San Francisco's $75 Tasting Menu Is Literally For The Dogs

While many coffee shops offer "Puppachinos" or "pup cups" — small cups of whipped cream, via Bark Post – for your furry friends, one San Francisco-based chef is taking the dog café experience to the next level. In addition to its "dogguccinos," Dogue spoils your pooch with extensive offerings of high-quality foods.

Dogue was started by chef Rahmi Massarweh and officially launched in 2015. Massarweh was inspired to pursue dog cuisine after he and his wife, Alejandra, adopted their Old English Mastiff, Grizzly, in 2010. The California-based company's products are created with grass-fed meat and organic vegetables for a high-quality canine diet.

The store offers personalized meal plans, individualized for each dog's dietary needs, which its site says are refrigerated foods made from raw ingredients with minimal processing for the maximum health benefits. While you can grab their dog food, treats, and pastries to-go, if you're looking to pamper your pooch, you can also opt to bring them to dine in on Sundays at the Bone Appétit Café.

Treat your pup to a three-course meal

At Dogue's Bone Appétit Café, dog owners can purchase a $75 three course meal for their furry friends, reports the Los Angeles Times. Of course, even animals have their personal preferences, so their owners can choose from a variety of French-inspired dishes on their pet's behalf. The ingredients for all dishes are locally-sourced and organic, so owners can be assured that their pets are getting the best quality meal for their pups.

Since the ingredients used in each meal are fresh, the dining options rotate throughout the year to incorporate seasonal foods and ensure the highest quality food. Dogs can dine on dishes like green-lipped mussels with fermented carrots and wheatgrass, or organic beef chuck steak with fermented carrots and beets before finishing off the experience with a puppy pastry from Dogue's Pawtisserie.

The Bone Appétit Café operates Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at 988 Valencia Street in San Francisco, California.