The Top Tip You Need For Making Chocolate Bread Pudding

Created in England as a way to ensure stale bread wasn't wasted, the first bread pudding recipe was often called "poor man's pudding," The Daily Gazette reports. However, despite its less-than-kind nickname, this dessert's rich and warm taste has made it a food beloved by countries across the globe (per Jane Austen).

That means if you want to bake up this centuries-old favorite, you have a lot of recipe options to choose from. Of course, you could slather a loaf of this sweet treat with bourbon sauce in true New Orleans style (via What's Cooking America). Or, you could take notes from the Irish and bake a bread and butter pudding recipe that can't be beat. However, if you're a chocolate lover, you should set your sights on a chocoholic's take on this classic dessert: chocolate bread pudding. But before you start following the original recipe from History in the Making and buy baker's chocolate to go with your eggs, sugar, milk, and bread, you need to know one taste-altering tip.

Use cocoa powder

Considering that chocolate bread pudding is an old fashioned dish, your first instinct may be to make it the customary way. After all, taking the traditional route is always best, right? Not necessarily. Because while History in the Making notes that a classic chocolate bread pudding recipe calls for melted chocolate, MasterClass states swapping the ingredient for cocoa powder will change your bread pudding for the better.

The outlet explains that the reason you should use cocoa powder in place of melted chocolate comes down to consistency. According to MasterClass, because melted chocolate is semi-liquid, it may make your bread pudding's custard turn out thick. And if your custard isn't wet enough, your bread won't be able to absorb it. This means that you could just be left with a dry loaf of chocolate bread.

However, because cocoa powder is completely solid, you can use it to get the same sweet taste without compromising your custard. MasterClass reports that you only have to combine your cocoa powder with your eggs and milk. Once you've done that, you'll create a tasty blend that will add chocolate flavor to your bread pudding while keeping it perfectly moist.