Burger King Is Bringing Back A Classic Slogan With A Twist

There are a few fast food slogans that almost every American can recite from memory. After all, who doesn't know that Arby's has the meats, Subway is where you eat fresh, and at McDonald's you'll be lovin' it? So when a well-known brand abandons its iconic tagline, it's a big deal.

And one of the most startling slogan changes in recent food history involved the self-proclaimed monarch of fast food, Burger King. The chain, which also had people furrowing their eyebrows after briefly retiring its famous mascot, caused quite a stir in 2014, per CNN, when it changed its slogan from "Have it your way" to "Be your way." As CNN reported, "Have it your way" faithfully served as Burger King's trademark for 40 years before the company chose to leave it behind. The reason for the change? According to The King, it hoped its new slogan would encourage customers to be themselves.

However, while there was a lot of goodwill behind the creation of the "Be your way" slogan, many classic Burger King fans found that they still missed the tagline that helped put BK on the fast food map. But if you fancy yourself a "Have it your way" purist, we have some good news. The iconic slogan has finally returned — though not in the way you might expect.

At Burger King, because you rule you get to have it your way

On October 6, 2022, Burger King dropped a commercial showcasing happy customers dining on the chain's signature Whoppers and fries. But true BK fans will be much more interested in the song playing throughout the ad than the food highlighted in the video. Because while the new ad campaign's slogan is "You Rule," the words of the rap introducing it may sound familiar.

"You rule, you're seizing the day, at BK have it your way," the jingle states. This means that after 8 long years, Burger King has finally decided to once again include the iconic "Have it your way" slogan in its promotional materials.

According to The Take Out, Burger King stated in an email that the "You Rule" campaign is a direct callback to the principles behind its widely loved "Have it your way" tagline. The fast food chain hopes its newest slogan will remind fans that in Burger King, they are royalty — meaning their needs come first. The unexpected incorporation of Burger King's well-known slogan is only the most recent of its new marketing efforts. The fast food chain also just announced it will be releasing a ghost-pepper whopper on October 13 to celebrate Halloween.