The Farm That Grows Delicious, Fresh Cocktails

Whether it's an accompaniment to a meal, a way to celebrate, or just something yummy to sip on, it seems like you can't go wrong with a cocktail. Some stick to their favorites from classics like a margarita to fresher options like shrubs or spritzers, while others want to try newer and unique cocktail recipes. Let's face it, there's a cocktail (or even a non-alcoholic mocktail) for everyone to enjoy and for every time of year. And besides being tasty, they're also appealing because they can be customizable.

Even though there are numerous classics, crafty mixologists continue to find ways to create new and delightful twists on old favorites, either by adding an unexpected bit of heat or sweetness or by swapping out the liquor used, as detailed in these 10 recipes shared by Advanced Mixology. One way mixed drink enthusiasts have explored their creative side is through the use of farm fresh ingredients in cocktails, such as incorporating various herbs and fruits.

Garden to glass concept

While farm-fresh cocktails aren't new, as evidenced by this 2014 NPR article that praises the arrival of farm-to-table cocktails, this movement has caught on in a major way over the past several years. And there are two sisters who have built a business around the popular concept. As noted on the "Rachael Ray Show," sisters Belinda Kelly and Venise Cunningham have started Simple Goodness Sisters, a business they say offers customers "garden-to-glass" ingredients for drinks.

The sisters got their start in 2018 on an acre of land in western Washington state where they grew herbs and edible flowers for drinks. The business grew quickly and they have since moved on to what they call a "cocktail farm" of 10 acres. Now, they grow ingredients for their drink syrups like blueberry lavender and huckleberry spruce tip, and serve them in drinks at their brick-and-mortar storefront, Simple Goodness Sisters Soda Shop. But, you don't have to travel to Washington to sample their syrups. The farm-to-cocktail flavors are also available for purchase on their website.