Why You Should Be Careful When Filling Muffin Cups

Americans have an enduring and steadfast love for muffins. In fact, South Florida Reporter noted that while most states have an official flower, a select few love the sugary breakfast so much that they also have a state muffin. You read that right, New York has nominated the apple variety as its state-sanctioned breakfast, Massachusetts has chosen corn, and Minnesota and Washington have claimed the blueberry flavor as their states' muffin of choice.

But while Statista reports that 95 million people across the U.S. dined on a serving of ready-to-eat muffins in 2020, nothing quite beats eating a muffin straight out of the oven. And whether you're making a quick batch of blueberry muffins from a mix or are trying to make a hearty serving of pecan pie muffins from scratch, you need to make sure you're following one important muffin-making tip. Because even after ensuring your muffins' ingredients are perfectly mixed, if you aren't careful when you fill your muffin tin with batter, you'll be in for a mess of a breakfast.

Too much batter could cause a muffin explosion

We get it. You want to make sure your muffins are as big and fluffy as possible. However, pouring a ton of batter into your muffin cups will not help you make bigger blueberry muffins. As The Kitchn notes, filling your muffin cups to the brim with muffin mix will cause your batter to rise out of its pan. So, instead of adding volume to your muffins, that extra mix will end up covering your baking tin and could even make its way into your oven.

To avoid a muffin malfunction, The Kitchn states you should take a more methodical approach to pouring batter into your muffin cups. According to the outlet, each muffin cup should be filled three-quarters full of batter. And Gimme Some Oven notes that the best way to control the amount of batter you're distributing into your muffin tin is to trade out a regular spoon with a kitchen scoop. As the website reports, unlike a conventional spoon, a kitchen scoop allows you to make sure you're putting the same amount of batter into each cup. After evenly filling your muffin cups with the correct amount of batter, you'll be left with an equally baked and perfectly formed serving of your favorite breakfast.