Stephanie Izard's Unexpected Sweet And Savory Breakfast Sandwich - Exclusive

Trust us — Stephanie Izard is just as bonkers for chili crisp as you are. The condiment might have found its way to stardom, along with sourdough starters, during the pandemic, but it has most certainly survived what quarantine bread-making did not: the test of time. Because good things come in threes, like David Chang and his Momofuku brand, Izard and her This Little Goat brand have developed no less than three chili crunch varieties. There is almost nothing that the "Top Chef" champion won't put it on.

"The fun of it is that it's good on everything," Izard recently shared with Tasting Table. "We use it at Girl & the Goat; we have the original on a salmon poke right now. It's so good on raw salmon and on avocado. We have it on a chicken and noodles dish, and we use it on a pork belly and egg and noodles dish at brunch."

Don't you dare stop there — chili crunch goes with much more than noodles, fish, and pork. "Anything that you're eating, you put it on, and it's going to taste even better," Izard assured us. "It's good on corn. Don't overcook your corn, and put some chili crunch on top. It's great on chicken, great on eggs for breakfast." As it turns out, chili crisp is also good on donuts — in the form of an unusual but undeniably appetizing breakfast sandwich.

Stephanie Izard's donut-chili crunch breakfast sandwich

Meet recipe development at its best. You'll need a very big glazed donut to copycat this breakfast gem. If you're in the LA area and want to copycat her exactly, Stephanie Izard used Randy's. "I got this giant glazed donut and sliced it in half and put bacon that I cooked in our This Little Goat went to Hong Kong sauce," Izard told Tasting Table. If you don't have Izard's sauce, you can use a soy glaze, which will give you similar results, according to the chef. 

From there on out, it's smooth — and irresistibly delicious — sailing. "It's a few slices of bacon, [fried] egg, and then the spicy chili crunch on a big glazed donut. You get sweet. You get a little bit of the meatiness from the bacon. You get the richness from the egg, and you get the nice spice," Izard explained. 

Of course, her own line of chili crunches will get you closest to her breakfast treat when trying to replicate her recipe, especially given one special addition. "Our chili crunches are extra crunchy because we have masa chips that we make in our facility, and we smash them up and put them in each of the jars. It's like extra crunchy chili crunch," she said.

Take a bite of Stephanie Izard's genius at her locations in Los Angeles & Chicago. To bring her flavors into your house, shop her This Little Goat line, including three different varieties of chili crunch. Make sure to follow her on Instagram for more recipe inspiration.