The Telltale Sign Your Store-Bought Brisket Was Frozen

Considering that brisket from the grocery store can weigh a whopping 8 to 20 pounds (per The Kitchn), it seems this cut of beef really is the gift that keeps on giving. Although slow-cooked brisket can take almost 7 hours to make, you'll be able to use the leftovers to make countless brisket-inspired dishes. First, of course, you can use your leftover meat to put together a classic brisket sandwich. But the most creative cooks know that leftover brisket can also make for a delectable chili (per The Urban Cow Girl) or a tasty taco filling.

However, if you buy a bad brisket cut, you won't be able to enjoy it for dinner, let alone think about how to use its leftovers. And according to Texas Monthly, when looking for a good brisket, you should always make sure it's as fresh as possible. This means you need to stay far away from briskets that have been frozen. And while you won't find brisket in the freezer aisle, MasterClass reports that you still need to be wary because some grocery stores will freeze their meats before selling them. Luckily, you can tell right away if a brisket has spent time in the freezer by using one trick.

If a brisket's blood levels are high, do not buy

MasterClass shares that when you pick up a brisket wrapped in food packaging, the first thing you need to do is check its blood levels. If you find that there is not much in the package, the brisket is fresh and good to buy. However, if you discover that there's a lot of blood, then the brisket in your hand has been frozen. By bringing home a cut that has seen a freezer, MasterClass explains that you'll be purchasing a brisket that has ice-torn meat fibers. This means unless you put the bloody cut back in favor of a fresher brisket, you will be serving up a sad and soggy brisket dinner.

And there are a few other steps you can take to ensure you're buying the freshest meat possible. According to Cooked Best, to buy the best cut, you should be on the lookout for briskets that are a stark red color. The site also suggests that you make sure any brisket you buy is firm. With these rules in mind, you'll be able to secure a brisket that will taste delicious on your dinner plate and in your lunch sandwiches at work.