Poo Driver: The Unappetizing Cocktail Name That's A Perfect Fit

Those canned cocktails you were sipping all summer have probably reached their seasonal conclusion. And you have probably also imbibed all the warm weather wine cocktails – like the frosé and the kalimotxo, aka red wine and Coca-Cola — that you can possibly consume in one season. However, that doesn't mean there isn't a new drink on the horizon that you might want to make your go-to. Enter the world of mixology, and what a writer for Bon Appetit dubbed the Poo Driver. What's a Poo Driver, and how did it come into existence?

We promise this story doesn't stink, but it starts with how its inventor found just the right ingredients. According to Bartenders Business, there is definitely a science to making a cocktail, with each element playing an essential role in the overall taste. From the appropriate ratio of ice, alcohol, mixers, juice, bitters, and the likes, to serving a cocktail at the proper temperature, the devil is in the details to get it just right. Luckily, it appears the inventor of the Poo Driver has followed the mixologist's cocktail creation protocol, and this drink's unappetizing name is actually a perfect fit.

Prune juice is its secret

When it comes to scatological humor, we are all in. Who doesn't love a good puerile joke about flatulence, poop, or burping? Okay, sure, it can be gauche if the timing isn't right, but when alcohol is involved, the timing is always right. Per Bon Appetit, the Poo Driver may have its beginnings in a practical joke, but fun and games turned into a real drink.

It was birthed as part of New York-based Cafe Mutton's brunch menu. The creator, Shaina Loew-Banayan, shares she chose prune juice as its base, hanging her hat on the fact that it is the "universal sign of constipation," as well as the cure. Additionally, the alcohol of choice for this drink is vodka with a touch of Fernet Branca, which she reveals she chose for its "digestive qualities," along with lemon and a little salt.

But the Poo Driver is not the only cocktail to have found its inspiration in bathroom humor. According to Home Drink Menu, another drink that is somewhat similar is called the Stool Driver. This drink uses but two ingredients, vodka, and orange Metamucil. No doubt, such a drink will add both fiber and sweet relief for its drinker.