The VIP Card That Offers Free Burger King For Life

Anyone who has read "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" probably dreams of having a golden ticket to their favorite food joint. While Willy Wonka and his factory are obviously fictitious, Burger King has brought this dream to reality for a select few. They won't be seeing Oompa Loompas or golden eggs, but the chain's Crown Card holders have access to a lifetime of Whoppers, fries, chicken fries, and anything else on the BK menu.

Since it started in 1954, Burger King has tried to set itself apart from other fast food chains with its menu. When Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns first opened the restaurant, they used the Insta-Burger Broiler to make their hamburgers, according to Mental Floss, and the name of the restaurant reflected the technology — Insta-Burger King. While neither the Insta-Burger Broiler nor the restaurant name would stick around, the company charged forward with its flame-broiled burgers.

While no longer costing only 29 cents like when it was introduced in 1957, the Whopper continues to be Burger King's signature sandwich. And few special people can get as many as they want, free of charge.

Limitless Whoppers and fries

In its 68-year history, only a few people have been given the gift of endless free food at Burger King. People who hold the Burger King Crown Card numbers only 12, according to Readers Digest. Those lucky people include celebrities and people who have a "long-standing relationship" with Burger King, according to AdAge. But not just every celebrity can get a card. While Hugh Laurie said he had one, fellow actor Paul Giamatti was denied one after he did voiceover work for the company, according to Mental Floss. Singer and actress Jennifer Hudson is a recipient of a Burger King Crown Card. She had previously worked at the fast food joint. Legendary movie director George Lucas gets to keep a Burger King Crown Card in his wallet and has done cross-promotions with the restaurant chain for "Star Wars," per Reader's Digest.

So, unfortunately, even if you consider yourself a Burger King regular and count the Whopper as your favorite hamburger, the odds are pretty low that you'll be the next Burger King Crown Card carrier.