The Sweet And Simple Way To Use Up Leftover Halloween Candy

Whether you have children who plan to trick-or-treat or a nice neighbor who buys candy to hand out on Halloween, many people will have a lot of extra candy on their hands come November 1. While most people have a favorite classic Halloween candy, eating the same treats over and over again can get to be monotonous. If you're looking to change it up, there are some ways you can get creative with your leftover Halloween candy.

According to TODAY, there are a few options for donating leftover Halloween candy, including donating it to the armed forces, medical offices, and certain charities. While donating does come with a sense of sweet satisfaction, no one is saying you shouldn't have a little bit of fun with some of that Halloween candy yourself. With the treats you choose to keep you might consider turning them into another beloved childhood dessert: ice cream.

We all scream for Halloween ice cream

According to Serious Eats, you can churn your favorite Halloween candies into your favorite ice cream flavor, but there are a few rules you want to be conscious of: Certain hard candies and gummy candies become sharp when frozen, so you want to avoid those for the safety of your teeth and gums. However, candies made of chocolate, caramel, malted nougat, pretzel, cookie, or peanut butter are perfect for adding to ice cream, says Serious Eats. You can smash up the candy pieces and add them to existing ice cream in your freezer, or add them to the mix when making your favorite homemade ice cream.

Food writer Leigh Anne Wilkes suggests that you soak half of your chopped candy in the milk before the churning process begins, then add in the other half when the ice cream is nearly finished. This way, the flavor will be fully infused into the cream mixture, but you'll still get the satisfying bite of candy chunks in your ice cream. Serious Eats also notes that the best flavors of ice cream to mix with your candy are vanilla, chocolate, caramel, and coffee flavors. This hack is no trick and all treat.