Bored Of Regular Pancakes? Try This Boozy Addition

There is no such thing as a day that isn't good for pancakes. Made with the right ingredients, you're treated to a plate laden with golden, fluffy pancakes. But some days, getting out the sticky bottle of maple syrup (or often in households with children, imitation maple syrup) just doesn't quite work its magic on the taste buds. Yes, you could add fresh fruit or nuts to the batter or on top of the stack, but your mouth is craving something different. Look no further than a bottle of liqueur that is often buried in the back of refrigerators or liquor cabinets.

But before you think about adding anything to the pancakes to enhance them, it's essential to start with a quality batter. A simple one-bowl recipe for pancakes includes flour, baking powder, sea salt, milk, an egg, and oil. However, if you want to make sure your pancakes are the fluffiest they can be, you can substitute cake flour for all-purpose flour or add a leavening powder, such as baking powder, per Taste of Home

An indulgent ingredient

Now that you have the ingredients ready to make the perfect pancake batter, Serious Eats recommends swapping the milk with a cream liqueur, such as Baileys Irish Cream. By using the liqueur in the batter, the finished pancakes have a slightly nutty flavor. Per Serious Eats, don't worry about the pancakes tasting heavily of alcohol. Instead, they have more of a rich flavor. The recipe for Baileys pancakes on Wales Online describes the flapjacks with the addition of the liqueur as being soft and smelling great. The recipe calls for unsalted butter, salt, sugar, egg, milk, self-rising flour, and 80 ml of Baileys Irish Cream. 

To double up on the deliciousness of Irish cream liqueur, The Bottle Club recommends incorporating the beverage into a hot fudge sauce to be drizzled on your stack of pancakes. Simply combine sweetened condensed milk, chopped dark chocolate, melted butter, and Baileys Original Irish Cream. If you prefer pancakes that have the luxurious flavor of Baileys, but without the alcohol, you don't need to worry about missing out. On its website, Baileys provides a recipe for Chocolate Chip Caramel Pancakes that utilizes Baileys Coffee Creamer Caramel instead of the Irish cream liqueur.

Next time you are in the mood for some extra special pancakes, grab that bottle of Irish liquor and treat yourself to some nutty, fluffy goodness.