Why You Should Slather Potatoes In Mayo Before You Roast Them

Aside from the select Miracle Whip devotees, there are typically the mayo people and the anti-mayo people, rarely with any impartial consumers. It's safe to assume the mayonnaise faithful have a jar in their fridge at all times and may even get anxious when there's no backup in the pantry. The fact that this condiment is so commonplace is part of what makes Eitan Bernath's simple recipe for roasted potatoes such a crowd pleaser. Apparently, potatoes can be transformed with one simple addition: mayo. 

Bernath, Forbes 30 Under 30 cooking and TikTok star, declares that mayo-roasted potatoes will be everyone's "new favorite cooking hack." Slathering seasoned potatoes in mayo before tossing them in the oven will result in a perfectly harmonious potato bite. With a soft center and a crispy exterior, these roasted potatoes offer the best of both (potato) worlds. Bernath generously seasons his potatoes with some dried spices and fresh parsley, but the real star is the big jar of Hellman's.

Mayo takes basic roasted potatoes to new heights

Mayonnaise has been a trending marinade for several years now, according to the Los Angeles Times. While Meathead Goldwyn details the strength mayo has when it comes to marinading meat, his explanation illustrates why potatoes work just as well with the creamy condiment. "It sticks really well to the food, helps release food from the hot grill surface, and gets a beautiful golden color," Goldwyn stated. Thanks to mayonnaise's protein and high-fat content, it acts almost as a shield when faced with high heat. That's what helps give Bernath's roasted potatoes that perfect crunch without any char.

Avid grilled cheese fans are probably aware of the importance of mayo, as smearing the bread with mayo rather than butter is a common hack for a perfectly crunchy, gooey sandwich. As Alison Roman details when making her grilled cheese, mayo "has a higher smoke point than butter and possesses the combined browning power of oil and egg yolks."

Regardless of what it's accompanying, mayonnaise seems to have the same magical effect when it starts heating up. As Eitan professes on TikTok, this preparation results in potatoes that are "pillowy on the inside, crunchy on the outside, full of flavor."