The Kitchen Appliance That Makes Egg Salad Quicker Than Ever

Egg salad is a classic dish to enjoy for everything from a side at a picnic to spreading on toast for a delicious egg salad tartine. It's the perfect recipe for egg-lovers who want that extra boost of protein in their day, but boiling eggs (the most important part of the recipe) can be tricky, messy, and time-consuming.

An egg salad really boils down to being a mix of eggs, mayonnaise, and seasonings. Of course, you can elevate your egg salad with additional ingredients, but the trouble of peeling those pesky hard-boiled eggs persists. Some popular hacks for circumventing this inconvenience include dunking your eggs in an ice bath or boiling them in baking soda to make the shells come off easier, but these techniques still aren't completely foolproof.

The easiest method for faster egg salad lies within a wildly popular kitchen appliance. And even if this method is brand new to you, you might already have the tools you need in your kitchen.

Eggs under pressure

The Instant Pot is a hugely popular electric pressure cooker known for its ease, versatility, and quick cook times (via Instant Home). It can slow cook, sauté, and even works as a yogurt maker. The Instant Pot is also one of the best ways to prepare hard-boiled eggs.

According to Food Network, you can use your Instant Pot to hard cook eggs in only about 10 minutes. All you have to do is crack the raw eggs into a greased cake pan and set it to pressure cook. That's right; You completely eliminate the hassle of peeling the shells off by leaving them out altogether. And it works: The result is a perfectly cooked egg loaf that has all the goods but none of the shells. Pressure Cook Recipes advises lining the bottom of your pan with parchment paper to get the egg loaf out easier. Then, you can slice it up for the easiest egg salad ever.

So next time the craving strikes, remember that your Instant Pot can help you ditch the eggshells and get to enjoying your creamy egg salad faster.