Molly Yeh Dishes On Cooking Eggs With Matzo - Exclusive

Permission granted to be a closeted scrambled eggs skeptic — Molly Yeh was. Despite the title of the "Girl Meets Farm" star's recently published cookbook ("Home Is Where the Eggs Are"), she's not bonkers for the classic diner dish. If we all went around consecrating our relationship status with scrambled eggs on social media, Yeh's would almost certainly appear as "It's Complicated." Yes, at their best, scrambled eggs are thrillingly fluffy. In their more mundane form, however, you're in for a whole lot of mush. That's a deal breaker for Yeh. As the Food Network star writes in her cookbook, while scrambled eggs aren't palatable on their own, they transform when accompanied by toast, hash browns, or — wait for it — matzo. 

Matzo in scrambled eggs does not get squashy like matzo in soup. In fact, says Yeh, it serves the opposite purpose, adding texture to the scramble and turning the dish into what she describes in her cookbook as one of "my top five favorite foods of all time." There's a secret to cooking eggs with matzo, though — one Yeh recently revealed in an exclusive interview with Tasting Table

How to cook eggs with matzo

You'll want to soak your matzo before cooking it with eggs, but don't get too enthusiastic about it. "The key to cooking eggs with matzo is to not soak the matzo for too long — otherwise, it gets way too mushy," Molly Yeh advised Tasting Table. In her cookbook, she recommends soaking the unleavened bread in cool water for just 45 seconds before draining.

Matzo is usually on the blander side, and Yeh also recommends salting accordingly — which means "a medium-heavy hand." Of course, while salting is an art, it's also a question of taste. "I've always known the importance of salt, but getting to know my tastebuds and observing how they've changed is another element that impacts salting," Yeh reflected. "I used to be a more-is-more person, but in recent years I've backed off, fine-tuned when I lean into the salt and when I don't want too much." 

Yeh's recipes for Salami Matzo Brei and Doughnut Matzo Brei are available in her new cookbook, "Home Is Where the Eggs Are." Be sure to follow Yeh on Instagram for recipe inspiration and life updates, or catch up with her family on Food Network's "Girl Meets Farm."