The Biggest Mistake People Make With Pancakes

A go-to breakfast and brunch staple, pancakes are an incredibly versatile option for starting the day. Whether you rely on a boxed mix or prefer making flapjacks from scratch, there are countless ways to customize a stack of pancakes to suit your taste buds: Toss a handful of chocolate chips or nuts on top before you flip them, fold fruit into the batter, or slather your hotcakes with real maple syrup, jam, or hazelnut spread.

No matter if you prefer a classic stack (like this recipe for easy pancakes) or wish to opt for sweeter, more decadent flapjacks (like these cannoli pancakes), there are a few simple tricks for making the most fluffy pancakes possible, and there's a simple addition to make your pancakes taste better. But did you know that there's a common mistake many people make when whipping up this comforting breakfast that has nothing to do with the recipe itself?

Make sure you're using the correct pan

You may think the pan doesn't matter when you're cooking up a stack of pancakes, but you'd be surprised. Frying your pancakes up in a sauté pan is a common rookie mistake, per Bon Appétit, as using a pan with a thin bottom can cause your pancakes to burn. Instead, always cook your pancakes using a griddle for even results.

While most of us know not to over-mix our pancake batter, keep this tried-and-true trick in mind too: Allow yourself extra time so you can let the batter rest for 15 to 30 minutes before cooking, as recommended by The Kitchn, to let those larger lumps of flour absorb some of the liquid in your batter for a lighter and fluffier stack of pancakes. And while you've got the griddle out, keep in mind these versatile uses for your griddle to make better steaks, salmon, burgers, and even stir-fry.