Your Pancakes Will Taste Better With This Simple Addition

Is there anything better than a big stack of fluffy pancakes on a Saturday or Sunday morning (or really, any morning, if we're being honest)? Topped with butter and fruit, and drizzled with real Maple syrup, pancakes are the perfect sweet start to the day. If you've ever tried making them yourself though, you already know that it can actually be quite difficult to make good pancakes at home, regardless of whether you're making them from scratch or using a box mix — hey, no judgments here!

There are numerous tips and tricks out there for making sure your pancakes come out fluffy, lofty, and tender, all key hallmarks of good pancakes. Some of those tips have to do with the mixing and cooking aspects of pancake making, like making sure you don't over mix your batter, leaving some lumps in the batter, and letting your pancake batter rest. Other tips include somewhat unusual additions that can help improve the texture of your pancakes, like adding carbonated water or mayonnaise as the surprising ingredient to help you get fluffier pancakes. Turns out, there are additions you can make to your pancake batter to make them taste better too.

Adding spices can help elevate the flavor your pancakes

One easy way to add some extra flavor to your pancakes is to look to your spice rack when you're making your batter, especially if that batter is coming out of a box mix. Cinnamon is a fantastic option, and its warmth will give your pancakes a similar flavor profile as that of cinnamon toast, explains Spiceography. Other warm and aromatic spices, like ginger, clove, and nutmeg, are also great additions. For a citrusy twist, try adding some cardamom or the zest from your favorite citrus fruit.

While individual spices can help elevate your pancakes, look to spice mixes for even more nuanced and depth of flavor. Spiceography recommends the likes of apple pie spice, chai spice, gingerbread spice, and everyone's favorite fall flavoring, pumpkin pie spice. For a "bold and dynamic flavor," try adding some Chinese five-spice blend.

And while pancakes are often on the sweeter side, they don't necessarily need to be. Restaurant owner Tanner Agar (via Eat This, Not That!) recommends adding savory spices like oregano and thyme for more savory pancakes. Or try just a dash or two of cayenne pepper or black pepper to add a little bit of heat and upgrade your pancake mix.