How To Get Your Hands On Tyson's Exclusive Halloween Chicken Nuggets

Founded in 1935, Tyson Foods is one of the biggest food processing companies on the planet, with $47 billion in sales in 2021, according to the company. In the beginning, John Tyson, the company's founder, focused on raising and selling chickens as well as making and selling his own chicken feed (per Tyson). The company built its first processing plant in 1958 and grew exponentially throughout the years by establishing offices around the world and acquiring other big-name food brands such as Hillshire and Jimmy Dean.

Tyson Foods' main focus remains to be chicken, with offerings including frozen grilled chicken, frozen chicken wings, frozen chicken nuggets, and even meal kits. Occasionally, the company will have exclusive-themed products. For example, in January 2021, Tyson revealed heart-shaped, Valentine's Day-themed chicken nuggets. The catch was that the exclusive nuggets were only available to win through a contest. Now, Tyson has special chicken nuggets just for Halloween. Here's how you can (maybe) get your hands on a bag if you're lucky.

You need to to comment on Tyson's Instagram post for a chance to win

Tyson is introducing new limited edition Spooky Nuggets inspired by Halloween, according to a press release sent to Tasting Table. The nuggets come in three new shapes: pumpkins, ghosts, and bats. Spooky Nuggets are made using the same recipe as Tyson's other chicken nuggets, with "100% white meat chicken raised with no antibiotics ever." However, getting these Halloween-themed exclusive nuggets isn't as easy as just going to the grocery store.

Anyone hoping to grab a bag of Spooky Nuggets will have to enter the sweepstakes by paying close attention to Tyson's Instagram for a post on October 4, 2022 announcing the new arrival. Once the post is up, Tyson invites users to comment which Spooky Nugget shape they are most excited about by using the respective emoji (pumpkin, ghost, or bat). In addition to the emoji, hopeful winners will have to tag a friend and use the hashtags #TysonSpookyNuggets and #Sweepstakes. Anyone can enter the giveaway from October 4, 2022 until October 14, 2022. Good luck, and if you need your spooky season fix while waiting for the winner to be announced, Baskin Robbins' new October flavor is sure to hit the spot.