The Rustic Mushroom Tart You Need For Fall

The season for fall flavors is upon us, and food lovers weary of barbecue and refreshing side salads are ready to serve up the savory. The earthy essence of mushrooms lends itself to autumnal dishes, with rich umami notes that warm up palettes. Combine your favorite fungi with some pungent cheese baked into a rustic tart, and you have a delectable meal fit for a fall day.

If you've struggled to make a perfect pie crust in the past, Bon Appétit suggests opting for a galette — a rustic pastry formed by hand that looks better in a natural shape than when perfectly rolled and placed in a pie pan. Despite being less stressful to make than a traditional pie, there are still a few pitfalls to look out for when creating a gorgeous galette.

Avoid adding too much moisture to the dough and over or under-rolling it. Aim for about a ⅛-inch thickness to ensure that it bakes to a flaky golden brown. All Recipes reminds mushroom lovers that fungi can hold a surprising amount of water and require patience when sautéing over just the right heat, so you'll want to watch the moisture in your filling and be sure not to overload your tart; remember that it bakes flat on a pan and isn't as deep as a classic pie.

Diners will ask for savory seconds of this mushroom galette

According to A Beautiful Plate, the umami essence of cremini and shiitake mushrooms combined with bold blue cheese in a buttery sour cream crust makes this dish destined for fall. Its rustic elegance makes it an appealing offering for a seasonal get-together, and the satisfyingly savory filling will have everyone at the table fork-fighting over the last slice.

The flaky crust that is the foundation of this galette has a tart hint of sour cream that cuts through the rich flavor of mushrooms sautéed with garlic and onions. While cooking, the fungi filling is infused with the herbal flavors of rosemary and thyme before the pan is deglazed with a medium dry sherry. The mushroom mixture is cooled before adding crumbles of tangy blue cheese that can be subbed with goat cheese for those who prefer a cheese that is milder but still pungent. Spread the mushroom mixture over the pastry dough in an even layer, fold the edges in a rustic pattern, and don't forget the egg wash to ensure that hunger-inducing golden brown crust.

This mushroom galette is an ideal dish for many occasions, whether it's a savory appetizer or made into a complete meal with a hearty side salad. The rustic nature of the galette leaves it open to your flavor interpretations, and slight imperfections are a welcome addition to this country-style tart that might become your new fall favorite.