Why You Should Avoid Pre-Chopped Kale At The Grocery Store

We have all been there: gazing at the pre-chopped, pre-portion, or pre-cooked plastic containers at the grocery store. We all know we should grab the whole, fresh veggies or fruit instead of the prepared packages. The whole product's price point is better for our wallets, and the lack of plastic packaging is better for the environment. But, sometimes, our busy lives can tempt us into grabbing the overpriced prepared watermelon slices or pre-arranged salads.

It's hard to blame anyone for splurging on these kits for convenience. After all, not having to chop your veggies or fruits yourself is a huge timesaver. And, sometimes, the only way to get your greens during a busy day is a salad kit. However, there are some veggies you may want to avoid in the prepared produce aisle of your grocery store. Kale is a super healthy, versatile green that is perfect for salads or smoothies, but it is advisable to avoid buying pre-chopped kale for your meals.

Kale is best immediately after chopping

There are a few reasons you should avoid purchasing pre-cut kale at your local grocery store. Aside from the aforementioned factors, kale is best when cooked immediately after chopping. So, unless you can be assured that the leaves were prepared the same day you're buying them, it may be best to chop them at home yourself. According to MasterClass, "the leaves rot faster once they're chopped up. Ideally, buy whole kale leaves and toss kale into your meal the same day you've chopped it."

For beginners, kale may be intimidating to prepare at home, but it is a simple process. First, you may want to stem your kale. Simply fold your kale in half vertically and use a chef knife to remove the stem from the leaves. Then, take your leaves, fold them a few times over, and chop them into roughly half-inch pieces. (via Bowl of Delicious).

Now that you know how to chop fresh kale, you can leave the plastic boxes in the grocery store aisle behind and enjoy preparing meals with fresh kale in your kitchen.