The Bartending Trick You Can Use For Gorgeously Layered Smoothies

Smoothies have truly permeated our lives. We have them in the morning to get our day started. We drink them in the afternoon for a little pick me up. And after a rigorous workout, nothing quite compares to a refreshing smoothie to refuel and recharge. According to Smoothie King, the smoothie market is projected to be worth an estimated $17 billion by 2025. The site goes on to share this is largely based on the fact that our population has become increasingly more "health-conscious," but that's not the only reason we love them. 

Trimark USA suggests the smoothie's popularity is tied to how versatile it is. You can customize it to fit your tastes and nutritional needs. Sure, sometimes our homemade smoothies don't turn out like a restaurant's version, but that doesn't stop us from finding our favorite combo of fruits, veggies, yogurt, peanut butter, or whatever ingredients make your taste buds pop, to blend into a thick, luscious drink.

If it isn't currently part of your diet, you may want to reconsider drinking fruit smoothies for breakfast. And if you do, boy do we have a bartending trick for you that will help you create gorgeously layered smoothie.

You need a spoon to create your smoothie layers

According to New York Times food columnist Melissa Clark, you can use an old bartender's trick to create a smoothie with lush layers. Clark demonstrated this hack on Instagram as she made a layered Coconut-Mango and Blueberry Smoothie. Taking a spoon and holding it upside down, Clark pours the blueberry smoothie over the already poured coconut mango smoothie to create two distinct layers. 

The Wine Enthusiast explains this trick works by creating a "wider surface area" allowing your layer of smoothie to float. What's the point of this hack? The site goes on to share that layers in a drink can help the beverage to change and transform as you are sipping on it. Additionally, it plays with your smell senses, offering different scents that enhance the overall smoothie experience.

How does layering or floating ingredients work? Wine Enthusiast shares it is all about gravity and what ingredients weigh the most. The heaviest smoothie should be poured first. How can you tell which is heaviest? The experts note sugary ingredients like honey, chocolate, or grenadine syrup are going to be some of the heaviest ingredients you use. But when in doubt, the more dense the ingredients, the heavier the smoothie. The one exception to this rule is when you use cream, which they note, always rises.