The Super Sweet Fig Variety That's Ideal For Dessert

While figs are not actually a fruit but a type of flower (per Eating Well), they are for sure a nutritionally-balanced treat that tastes as sweet as pie. As noted by WebMD, although figs' flavor resembles honey (per Foods Gal) they are packed with nutrients like calcium and iron. Not to mention, one average-sized fig comes in at just 37 calories.

Figs' many health benefits and great taste have made them a popular cooking ingredient. As The Spruce Eats notes, adding figs to your favorite recipes will make them richly moist and bring out their flavor. For example, mixing figs into your oatmeal cookie batter will make for an incredibly bold and chewy treat (via Wild Wild Whisk). And you can even add some extra depth to your cocktail by pouring fig syrup into your cup. 

But while figs can help you create delicious dishes, there is one fig variety that's so sweet it can be served up as a stand-alone dessert.

Black Mission figs may just be your new favorite after-dinner treat

Although all figs have a sugary taste, according to The Spruce Eats, black Mission figs' sweetness levels are a cut above the rest. In fact, this fig variety, which is easily recognizable for its dark purple color, is so sugary that it is known to gush sweet-tasting syrup. Which is why, as Food Network reports, it's one of the best types of figs to use to make a decadent and flavorful fig jam. However, The Spruce Eats notes that, thanks to its impressive sweet taste, black Mission figs are also the ideal main ingredient for your next dessert.

The outlet stated these extra sweet figs can be used to garnish fruit tarts or can be the delicious centerpiece of a cheese platter. However, if you're looking to add even more sweet flavor to your fruit, you can roast black Mission figs in honey and pair them with whipped cream. And, if you want to balance out your figs' sweet flavor, you can glaze your sugar-sweet figs with whiskey caramel before pouring them over a bowl of ricotta. 

As long as you buy a pack of black Mission figs, your dessert options are endless.