Blend This Vegetable Into Cheese Sauce For A Nutritious Addition

Cheese sauce is one of the greatest condiment inventions. Creamy, salty, and savory, the ingredient is traditionally made with cheese, flour, butter, and milk (per The Recipe Critic). Technically, any cheese can be used, but to achieve a sauce that is creamy and not gritty, add sodium citrate, the secret ingredient that makes cheese melt perfectly. According to Sara Moulton, the best cheese options for sauces are cheddar, fontina, Gruyere, and Asiago, and you can combine several types to create a uniquely distinct sauce.

Cheese sauce is a great cheese for mac and cheese or a bubbling bowl of queso, and it can be poured over a heaping mountain of nachos, or added on top of broccoli for a side dish. But there is one problem with cheese sauce: It's not the healthiest. Luckily, there is one simple way to incorporate veggies without altering the taste or texture of this dish.

It's easy to eat veggies when it's hidden in cheese

Cauliflower is the perfect accompaniment to a rich cheese sauce as it is mild and serves multiple purposes. Not only is it a great way to add in a hidden serving of vegetables, but it also helps lighten up the heavy sauce (via Kitchn). One of the hidden talents of cauliflower is that when it is cooked, it takes on the texture of cream sauce, which is a pretty common hack used by vegans, per The Savory Vegan.

When making a cauliflower cheese sauce, shredded cheese is added to boiled and pureed cauliflower (per Kitchn). And while the flavor of the cheese overtakes most of the flavor that's left from the cauliflower, spices like dijon mustard, paprika, or garlic can be added. The hardest part of making this recipe may be cutting the cauliflower. Luckily, Ina Garten's mess-free method to cut cauliflower will keep your kitchen clean. 

Next time you're in the mood for cheese sauce, try adding cauliflower for a secret health boost.