The Best Way To Store Leftover Homemade Pancakes

Making a big stack of the fluffiest pancakes you can imagine first thing in the morning is great as long as you have some help. Otherwise, much of that stack will get cold sitting out on your counter, and might even go to waste if it isn't properly stored.

One thing you can try in the future is to show a little self-control and save some of your batterExpert Home Tips says that leftover batter can actually be kept for two to four days before becoming unusable.

If you've already made that full stack though, another option is to keep them in your refrigerator. According to Simply Recipes, pancakes that have been wrapped in cling wrap or an airtight container will actually keep well in the refrigerator for up to a week. Pioneer Woman says that pancakes also reheat incredibly well, and doing this will let you enjoy pancakes every day of the week without having to go out to your local diner.

Freezing pancakes makes for an easy breakfast

Possibly the best way to store your homemade pancakes is to store them in the freezer. Cook's Illustrated says that classic flapjacks freeze surprisingly well, and reheat even better. It says that the best way to do this is to store them in a plastic bag with parchment paper, or a similar material, between each pancake. This keeps them well separated and makes it easier to take them out one at a time and reheat. Cook's Illustrated says they will keep for up to two weeks with this method, but Simply Recipes says that frozen pancakes will keep for up to three months.

When it comes time to reward yourself for your forward thinking and reheat your pancakes, Pioneer Woman says you can use your oven, toaster, or microwave to do so. The longest that any of these methods takes is a short 10 minutes in the oven. This means you can have pancakes that taste fresh off the griddle anytime you'd like.