Why Bananas Are The Perfect Addition To Pancakes

Homemade pancakes and pancakes you order-up at a diner are beloved and have been for some time. The BBC reports this fluffy cake that is fried in a griddle is also the object of one of the oldest food races. The race, which requires its competitors to carry a frying pan with a pancake that is frying, takes place in the English town of Olney and can be traced back to dates back to 1445. The Kansas Historical Society shares that the origin of this race, which crowns one female victorious for crossing the finish line in under a minute, is tied to a story about a woman who was frying up pancakes when she heard the church bells summoning her to church. As the tale goes, the woman still had the frying pan in her hand when she arrived at the house of worship.

Today, there are so many different types of pancakes. Per National Today, some of our favorite flavors of pancakes include buttermilk, blueberry, chocolate chip, and banana. And while a surprising 10% of Americans just like to use butter on their pancakes, an overwhelming majority of 62% like to have their hot cakes dripping in classic syrup. But if you want to add a special ingredient to your flapjacks, Bon Appétit shares bananas are the perfect addition to your pancakes. Here's why.

Bananas have the edge of caramelization

Bon Appétit shares that when you want to customize your pancakes, some ingredients are better added as you are frying your pancakes because they will otherwise burn. This includes kid and adult favorites like chocolate chips and berries. However, the publication notes that bananas are the exception to this rule because they caramelize as the pancake cooks. Per MasterClass, the process of caramelization causes the natural sugar in foods to brown and take on a sweet, "nutty" flavor as they cook.

What if you find your banana pancakes are a little soggy? Chelsea's Messy Apron reveals that if you find your banana pancakes are soggy or "mushy" this is because the pan is too hot, causing the outside to cook too fast. The blogger suggests lowering your heat for a slower cook will solve this problem. 

Adding bananas to your pancakes is also a great way to add fiber, potassium, and vitamin C to your diet, according to Healthline. The site notes that if you add some high protein yogurt alongside your banana pancakes, you are also more likely to feel full, although, pancakes can do that all on their own.