New Survey Shows How Many Consumers Prefer Steak Over Other Foods

Steak is an extremely versatile and delicious protein. It can be cooked on the stovetop, grilled, and even fried (looking at you, chicken-fried steak). Steak is the umbrella term for a piece of meat cut from the fleshy part of the beef carcass (per The Kitchn). There are five main cuts of steak that can easily be found in most grocery stores. There are three main cuts of tenderloin: the tail, center cut, and the rump (per The Spruce Eats).

Depending on the cut of steak, it can be utilized in many preparations with cuisine from around the globe. Tri-tip steak tacos are a fun twist on Taco Tuesday, while steak tartare is a fun dish for more adventurous eaters. Steak is so popular that it's even served for breakfast, commonly with eggs (per Yo Steakhouse). No matter how you cut it, steak is an increasingly popular protein choice. Linz Angus conducted its yearly study to see just how many people choose steak as their food of choice.

An overwhelming number prefer steak

According to the Linz Angus 2022-2023 Consumer Steak report, 70% of people chose steak as their preferred food. The survey polled 1,084 about their preferences when it comes to cooking and consuming steak at home or when dining out. 75% of men preferred steak versus 65% of women, with 64% of the total including steak for their "last meal." It's always good practice to not order well-done steak at a restaurant, and the survey seemingly backs this up. 41% of respondents admitted they would judge someone harshly for ordering well-done steak.

The survey also asked respondents to state their favorite cuts of steak. Running away with the top spot was the ribeye steak at 61%. According to Food Network, ribeye is the best cut of steak because of its strong beefy flavor and even marbling. The most expensive and most tender cut of steak, the filet, comes in second at 47% (per Clover Meadows Beef). A whopping 78% of respondents agreed that grilling steak is the preferred method of cooking. Steak University echoes this sentiment by noting that grilled steak has a nice smokey flavor and it gives the best texture and flavor. If you're ready to cook a steak, the survey says the optimal temperature is medium-rare, but the best way to cook it is how and where you like.