The Simple Tip For Perfectly Browned Pancakes Every Time

Have you ever wondered why pancakes at diners taste better than at home? Those made at the likes of IHOP and Denny's just taste and look better than the ones we fry up ourselves. So what's their secret? 

According to National Today, 59% of Americans admit that they love pancakes and just 7% of Americans say they either don't like or all out hate pancakes. Who are these people? Pancakes are amazing. While the site goes on to share 33% of Americans are partial towards those of the buttermilk variety, we do not discriminate when it comes to this favorite breakfast food. We think all pancakes — banana, chocolate chip, blueberry, cinnamon — are delish. 

However, when it comes to making pancakes at home, achieving perfectly golden brown pancakes every time can be a stretch goal. As Kitchn points out, there are a lot of potential hazards you can encounter when making these hot cakes. From over-mixing the pancake batter to flipping your pancakes before they are ready, perfect pancakes are not always what end up on your plate. In fact, Cooks Illustrated claims you've probably noticed that first pancake is prone to brown "splotches." But not anymore. We have just the tip to help prevent this pancake phenomenon. 

It's all about the oil

According to Cook's Illustrated, if you want every pancake you make to be golden and free of splotches, you will want to put your oil in a cold pan and allow it to hit up at the same pace as your pan. The cooking site explains that the goal is to have a "thin" layer of oil to stop the pancake from getting stuck to the pan. You can achieve this by taking a paper towel and wiping the pan of excess oil about a minute after it has been heating. This will help with preventing a less than perfect pancake. 

Additionally, Delish notes the pan cannot be cold if you want to create the pancakes of your dream. Nevielle Panthaky, IHOP's head of culinary, told the food site, "Most people think that thick buttermilk pancakes have to do with the thickness of the batter; It's how heat reacts to the batter." Furthermore, when it comes to the target temperature you want, Pathaky revealed 350 to 360 degrees Fahrenheit is the sweet spot for IHOP pancakes. 

Kitchn adds that when it comes to determining whether or not your griddle is hot enough, you can always make a small pancake to test it.