The Clever Way Oreo Announced Its New Holiday Flavor

Fall may have just started, but Oreo is already preparing for the holiday season. And while many people may feel a little jarred by Oreo announcing their holiday flavor when the leaves are still changing colors, the cookie brand's early reveal shouldn't be too much of a surprise. After all, the company released its 2022 fall-favorite cookie while we were still in the midst of summer. However, what wasn't expected was how Oreo chose to unveil this year's festive treat.

To be fair, Oreo has been known to make clever marketing moves for milk's favorite cookie. For example, the brand delighted Pokémon fans by releasing a video on YouTube that resembled handheld Pokémon games to reveal their limited-time collaboration with the iconic Nintendo property. And no one can forget that when the Superbowl faced a power outage in 2013, Oreo quickly reminded avid cookie fans that they could still "dunk in the dark" (per Valens Research). But this time, Oreo wittily announced its big holiday reveal through a riddle on Twitter.

Did you solve Oreo's holiday flavor puzzle?

On September 28, 2022, Oreo revealed on Twitter that a secret was hidden in its most recent posts. According to the cookie brand, the first word of its last eight tweets would tell fans what Oreo flavor they could expect to savor this holiday season. And if you carefully piece together the words under the announcement, you will discover that the company stated, "Our next OREO Cookie flavor is SNICKERDOODLE." Oreo confirmed the reveal in a follow-up tweet, much to the excitement of many cookie fans in the comment section.

While Oreo's Twitter announcement of the new holiday flavor made for a smart crowd pleaser, it also advertised its snickerdoodle cookies in a similarly fun way on TikTok. In the video, a person dressed like a grandma starts making a traditional snickerdoodle recipe before breaking out a pack of snickerdoodle oreos and breaking it down with dance moves. Oreo stated on both social media platforms that its holiday flavor will be available on October 17, 2022.