Why Aren't You Drinking In A Croatian Wine Cave Right Now?

If you're an oenophile, you may have made your usual rounds to Napa Valley or the Finger Lakes region to enjoy some of the best wineries in the U.S. And, if you have been lucky enough to travel outside of the country, you may have set your sights on Western European nations, like Italy or France, or Spain. Even South Africa has made headlines for being an underrated wine capital, according to Jancis Robinson. But, the Baltic region is quickly making a name for itself in the wine world, too.

According to the Baltic Times, the culture of the Baltic region is quickly shifting toward a more Western European focus. This trend is very obvious in the wine sector, probably more so than anywhere else. The site says, "Wine consumption is on the rise in the Baltics. People are starting to buy, invest in and consume more wine every year." While Latvia is best known for this embrace of drinking culture, Croatia is not far behind. One Hvar tour company is offering an unmissable experience that combines island-hopping, cave exploring, and — of course — drinking.

Wine cellar in a cave? Yes, please.

While trying world-class wine is a main focus, this tour also includes sightseeing on one of Croatia's more remote coastlines and plenty of time for relaxation in the sun. Food & Wine mentions this half-day tour takes guests along the craggy coast, passing through the lagoons of Malo Zaraće, Velo Zaraće, Dubovica, Red Rocks, and Lučišće. Here, tour-goers can enjoy a short swim and some sunbathing.

According to Food & Wine, one of the tour stops is Cliffbase Wine Cellar. This cellar is breathtaking — built into the limestone cliffs that overlook the Adriatic Sea. The wine is grown on the rocky cliffside of Hvar island, just under the limestone towers. The seaside location and constant sunlight are said to infuse the wine with a unique flavor, and they encourage visitors to try the famous local wines like "plavac mali."

Whether you're a wine connoisseur or casual drinker, this unmissable Croatian experience may be worth splurging on.