Splenda Teamed Up With 6 Fast Food Chains For National Coffee Day Giveaways

Lift up your mug of coffee for a toast to National Coffee Day. While coffee drinkers give thanks every morning for their warm cup of joe as they wake up and attempt to embrace their day, National Coffee Day gives them an extra reason to celebrate as companies offer freebies and specials. Landing on Thursday, Sept. 29 in 2022, Calendarr notes that National Coffee Day was the idea of the National Coffee Association. The day recognizing coffee across the United States is approximately ten years old. With about 491 million Americans drinking coffee every day, according to the National Coffee Association, there are plenty of people to celebrate freshly-brewed beans. In fact, coffee ranks as America's favorite beverage, with 66% of people picking it over other beverages, including juice, soft drinks, and bottled water.

With coffee consumption pretty evenly distributed across age groups, people of multiple generations will be eager to celebrate the caffeinated beverage. According to the National Coffee Association, 67% of people ages 25 to 39 drank coffee within the last day of being surveyed. Only drinking slightly more coffee were people ages 40 to 59 at 70% and ages 60 and over at 68%.

Gift cards and Splenda

Recognizing America's love of coffee, Splenda teamed up with six fast food chains (Starbucks, Dunkin', 7-Eleven, McDonald's, Chick-fil-A, and Panera Bread) for National Coffee Day giveaways. The zero-calorie sweetener and sugar substitute company announced giveaways on its Twitter account on Sept. 29. Some of these giveaways include a chance to win a $50 gift card to one of the six fast food chain companies as well as a box of Splenda. People wanting to enter need to quote Splenda's tweet with the hashtag #NationalCoffeeDay and comment with their favorite coffee combo or coffee pickup from that business.

So far, responses have ranged from Grande Iced White Chocolate Mocha no whip at Starbucks to vanilla iced coffee with extra cream and sugar at Dunkin' and French vanilla at 7-Eleven to an iced mocha with an Egg McMuffin at McDonald's — showing how varied coffee tastes are across the United States. While National Coffee Day may last only one day, the international celebration of coffee will continue on Oct. 1, 2022.