The Crucial Rule To Remember When Proposing At A Restaurant

Chances are if you're planning to pop the big question at a restaurant, you want the moment to be just right. You've taken the time to identify the perfect establishment, called ahead to make reservations, and even notified the house of your romantic plans. Now you're wondering exactly how to propose at dinner. Choosing the right day and time for the actual proposal and then planning who will be involved can help make the experience a memorable success, Koser Jewelers explains.

As tempting as it is to get the ring on the table as soon as you sit down, this might not be the best approach. It's completely understandable to see why nerves might get the best of you and why you want to get the question out of the way, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind as you plan to make the moment magical for everyone involved.

Timing is everything

Food & Wine admits that public proposals raise stakes in terms of potential rejection and embarrassment, and as tempting as it is to hurry through the meal and get carried away with emotions and adrenaline, do your best to savor the experience. Whether at a local pub or a Michelin star bistro, enlist the help of the restaurant's team so the meal coincides with your proposal speech.

The Knot suggests that while a before-dinner proposal can make the dinner a celebratory occasion (and hopefully your nerves settle down enough for you to enjoy the forthcoming meal), this might not be the best plan of attack. Waiting until after dinner to ask your love to wed gives you time to settle in and relax, especially if you're not quite sure what the answer will be. The publication Brides agree that asking the big question after dinner is a strategic move, since full stomachs are better equipped for celebratory bottles of champagne, not to mention all of those phone calls you'll want to make to share the hopefully good news.