The Starbucks 'Ski-Thru' You May Not Have Known About

Starbucks is known for setting up shops in unique locations. From an old bank in Tianjin, China, to a Costa Rican coffee farm overlooking a volcano to a Taiwanese location made from recycled shipping containers, the brand provides coffee, snacks, and unique environments to delight customers (via Business Insider).

Starbucks encourages coffee lovers to quench both their caffeine fix and their wanderlust. They highlight interesting destinations throughout the United States on their site, and caffeine addicts can explore memories from Hollywood's golden age, view modern art installations, and engage with interactive features designed to connect customers to the products served.

One California location, in particular, took adventure to another level by tempting outdoor enthusiasts with coffee drinks as they tackle backcountry terrain and brave cold temperatures on mountain slopes. Sure, you've heard about Starbucks' secret menu items, but have you ever picked up your Frappuccino order while still on skis?

Stay caffeinated on the slopes

In 2012, SquawTV reported Starbucks' first ski-up location: a conveniently accessed window for skiers and snowboarders to order drinks without removing gear. When cravings for a simple cappuccino or an iced brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso strike as you make your way down a mountain, this Starbucks has you covered.

The Starbucks at Palisades Tahoe's Gold Coast Funitel is not only the only ski-in and ski-out Starbucks, but it is also located at the only funitel in the United States (via Unofficial Networks). The funitel provides access to some of the only beginner and intermediate mountain runs at the Palisades ski resort, notes Peak Rankings, and the area can get crowded. We suppose if you're standing in line with a warm cup of coffee in hand, the wait matters less.

"Starbucks is passionate about providing customers with the unique Starbucks Experience wherever they are," the vice president of Starbucks' Branded Solutions said in a press release (via Eater). And at 8,000 feet above sea level, this Starbucks answers that goal.