How To Prevent Chocolate Truffles From Drying Out

While caviar may be considered one of the culinary world's most luxurious garnishes, chocolate truffles may very well be one of its most refined desserts. A beloved treat that was originally created in France (per Taste of France), the most high-quality chocolate truffle can sell for up to $250 apiece, according to House of Knipschildt. Luckily, unlike regular truffles, which are a type of fungi per Allrecipes, you can also make this decadent dessert in your very own kitchen.

As Serious Eats notes, chocolate truffles are essentially rolled balls of ganache. This means that you only need chocolate, cocoa powder, and cream to put together this rich dish. But while the recipe seems simple enough, the true key to making delectable homemade chocolate truffles is to make sure they have the right consistency. According to Hotel Chocolat, they should be soft, smooth, and "slightly squashable." However, if you find that your truffles keep drying out much too fast, you don't have to give up on trying to make this opulent dessert just yet. By following one simple step when prepping your chocolate truffles, your homemade version of this five-star sweet will stay perfectly soft.

Cover your chocolate truffles with extra toppings

Taste of Home explains that bare, uncovered chocolate truffles tend to dry out very fast. So the secret to ensuring your dessert doesn't lose its richness is rolling the treats in toppings. Taste of Home notes that you can use traditional garnishes like nuts and shredded coconut for coating. However, you can also try out some of the more unconventional toppings that Martha Stewart suggests, like matcha or cinnamon mixed with cayenne powder, to give your special dessert an extra depth of flavor.

Once you decide on what topping you want to use, the outlet states that you should coat your treats in it as soon as you dip your chocolate base into balls. Martha Stewart reported that you should also press down on your truffles just hard enough to make sure your topping of choice fully covers them. Then you can put them in your fridge to rest for at least 30 minutes before serving a soft and sweet treat.