Ranking All Domino's Wings Flavors From Worst To Best

Domino's is one of those brands that just feel nostalgic. It's the pizza you ate at your 12th birthday celebration while you opened presents from all your friends. It's the molten lava cake you ate at 3 a.m. after coming home from your first college party. It's the parmesan bread bites that you ate exclusively for a week after that really bad breakup.

But Domino's is more than its piping hot pizzas, its sugary, coma-inducing desserts, and even its cheese-encrusted carbs. The pizza chain boasts a wing line that's actually, perhaps surprisingly, pretty decent. The wide array of options ensures that there's something for everyone. However, not all of these flavors are created the same. Some are on the milder side, while others are bold and exciting.

But if you haven't had many of Domino's wing offerings before, you might not know what you're getting into. That's why we did the hard job of testing and ranking all of the brand's wing options. Of course, you may like some of the picks near the top of this list. However, if you don't know what to order, start at the bottom to learn more about our favorites. Here are all of Domino's wing flavors, ranked from worst to best.

9. Sweet mango habanero

We were excited to see the sweet mango habanero wings on the menu at Domino's because we love a good spicy-sweet-acidic mix. But what we found when we actually ordered them was that the flavors were far from balanced. The syrupy sauce poured on top of the wings had a gloopy texture that made us hesitant to pick them up at first. Once we did and took a bite, we immediately realized that these were not what we had hoped for. They don't really taste like mango, per se — it's more of a nondescript sweetness without much flavor intensity. They seemed to be missing acidity, which is what we were expecting from the mango flavor.

At least there's some heat to them, though, right? Not exactly. We were surprised at the total lack of heat in this sauce. Habanero peppers are exceptionally spicy, so we were expecting at least a hint of heat. Alas, it wasn't there, so if you're looking for something on the spicier side, you're likely to be disappointed by this selection.

8. Honey BBQ

We're not surprised that the honey BBQ sauce just wasn't it. The name of this flavor already made it sound unappealingly sweet, and that's exactly how it tasted when we took our first bite. The wing itself was good, but the globs of ridiculously sugary topping all over them made us feel like we were eating some weird-chicken-y dessert instead of what's supposed to be more of an appetizer. Granted, the BBQ sauce wasn't necessarily bad — it's just designed for those who like a lot of sweetness in their BBQ. If you're not that kind of a person, you may want to avoid this option the next time you order from Domino's.

If you want to make this flavor a bit more interesting, dipping your wings in the provided ranch dressing is the way to go. It helps balance the palate and seems to reduce the BBQ sauce's sweetness. But if you ask us, you're better off just ordering one of the other flavors in the first place. But, again, if you love sweet BBQ, this one will probably be your favorite of the bunch — the sugar profile is not for the faint of heart.

7. Garlic parmesan

We were also holding out some serious hope for the garlic parmesan wings, and while we weren't exactly disappointed, per se, we felt like they could have been better. First, it really pays to put them in a separate container and shake them up if the sauce just comes drizzled over the top of the wings as ours did. Otherwise, you'll get big globs of the sauce instead of enjoying it in a way that's more integrated with the chicken itself. 

Flavor-wise, the dressing isn't bad. However, the brand definitely goes heavy on the parmesan and super light on the garlic — so much so that the garlic is barely even perceptible. This might be a good move to accommodate those who don't like strong flavors, but it's a bit of a letdown for the true garlic lovers out there.

That said, the sauce does offer something significantly different than most of the other options on the menu. The creaminess is really nice and isn't likely to give you severe heartburn in the wee hours of the morning. Would we order the garlic parmesan flavor again? Probably, but only if we planned on feeding guests with more sensitive stomachs.

6. Sweet BBQ bacon

Domino's "specialty chicken" options are basically just boneless wings, and we love that the brand offers different flavors than what you can find in its traditional wings. Although some of the sauces are fantastic, others are just not what we're looking for in a bone-out wing situation. 

Unfortunately, the sweet BBQ bacon chicken was our least favorite of the bunch. It really just came down to the sauce. Admittedly, it is quite flavorful, but like the mango habanero dressing, it's far too sweet for what should be a savory experience.

But that's not to say that the sweet bacon BBQ isn't tasty — in fact, the addition of bacon on top is genius. Domino's cooked it until it was nice and crunchy, so instead of getting weird, soggy slices of meat soaking into the chicken's crispy skin, you're met with a crumbly topping that added both flavor and texture. This is the kind of dish you order once just to see what it's all about. We definitely finished the box, but it will probably not become our regular Domino's order.

5. Plain

Sometimes, you just have to keep things simple, and Domino's certainly doesn't do a bad job of it. Sure, you could always order the weirdest, most decked-out pizza on the menu, but there are times when all you want is a simple cheesy slice. And, of course, you can always decide to get wings drizzled with all the sauces in the book, but what if you just want that nice crunch and the taste of juicy, bone-in chicken?

That's when you should order the plain wings at Domino's. Are they the best wings we've ever had in our lives? Not exactly, but that's a tall bar to reach. Regardless, these wings definitely aren't going to disappoint you. The skin is just right — the outside is crisped to perfection. Luckily, that crunchiness doesn't come at the cost of the moisture in the chicken itself. Every bite was super juicy, but not in a greasy way. In short, these simple, unfussy wings are the perfect pick when you need some comfort in your life.

4. Classic hot buffalo

Next up is one of Domino's other specialty chicken flavors. But this one is a bit better than the sweet BBQ bacon if you ask us. It's Domino's classic hot buffalo flavor, and we were surprised at how much we loved it. It's the same boneless wing chicken bites with buffalo sauce drizzled over the top. But then, Domino's took things a step further and added some ranch to the equation. Even if you're not a ranch person, don't worry — the amount of dressing you'll find in this dish is negligible. It just adds a bit of a creamy texture to the rest of the meal, which helps balance out the strong flavors in the buffalo sauce.

If you're like us, you first experienced chicken wings smothered with buffalo sauce, and if you're a fan of that classic flavor, then you're definitely going to enjoy this offering. Though we were skeptical about how good the boneless bites would be, we found that they can actually compete with the bone-in wings when it comes to texture and juiciness — these weren't dry in the slightest. Plus, since they're easy to pick up and take small bites with, they're perfect for sharing with family and friends. (We won't judge you if you want to keep them all to yourself, though.)

3. Spicy jalapeno pineapple

Domino's sweet mango habanero wings just did not make the cut, if you ask us. However, the brand redeemed this sweet-spicy combo with the addition of its spicy jalapeno pineapple specialty chicken. That's probably because instead of using a spice-heavy sauce, it used jalapenos to add an element of heat to this dish. Because those jalapenos are cooked, though, they're not overwhelmingly spicy, so don't worry if you're concerned about that. (Though, admittedly, we think the wings would probably be even better if Domino's added fresh or pickled jalapenos instead.)

The brand kept the pineapple to a minimum in this dish, which we are eternally grateful for. There was just enough fruit to keep things fresh and acidic, adding a slight sweetness to the finished product. The result was balanced nicely, especially with the sprinkling of melted cheese over everything else. It felt fun and indulgent but also super filling — eating one serving of these wings could probably constitute a meal for many people.

If you're looking for an option with more heat and the other wing flavors just don't seem to be doing it for you, the spicy jalapeno pineapple is probably what you'll want to order.

2. Crispy bacon and tomato

We were not particularly excited to try the crispy bacon and tomato wings. After all, how complex could these flavors get? It may seem like a random combination that wouldn't be interesting together, but this specialty chicken offering was surprisingly one of our favorites of the bunch. 

First, the chicken was cooked to perfection, as was the bacon, which had a lovely crunchiness that made every bite feel like a treat. The tomatoes on top have a lovely sweetness but mostly add to the strong savory flavors. You'll also get a ton of cheese on top of the chicken when you order this dish, but we think it was the perfect amount, especially because it worked so well with the bacon and tomato.

This dish isn't hot, nor does it feature any particularly interesting or exciting ingredients. But sometimes, the simplest ingredients can come together to create a truly delightful meal, and the crispy bacon and tomato specialty chicken from Domino's unexpectedly falls into that camp. This is something we'd add to our order every week. Although you can always snag it in addition to your pizza, it can also be a fun, indulgent lunch on a day when you need a little pick-me-up.

1. Hot

Finally, we've come to the last flavor on Domino's chicken menu and our favorite of the whole bunch. It's the hot wings, and we're not surprised that they turned out as good as they look on the website. They are covered in that buffalo sauce we all know and love, and they have a bit of spice to them. However, you should note that these are far from the hottest wings you've ever tried. In fact, at most food chains and restaurants, they would probably be described as "mild." But that doesn't mean that they're lacking in flavor; they're a great option for those who love the spice but sometimes can't handle the really hot wings.

This is a simple recipe from Domino's, but when we want wings, the brand's version of buffalo wings is exactly what we're looking for. That beautiful orange sauce coats every piece of chicken perfectly, so each bite offers a zing of acidity and a flavor profile that's just complex enough. Who said you needed overwhelming heat to make a good wing? We love it when chains know how to keep things simple, and it seems like that's just what Domino's did here. We're big fans.